Middle School

SY 23-24 Update – Uniform Colors

6th Grade – Lime

7th Grade – Aqua

8th Grade – Gold

About Two Rivers Middle School

At the Two Rivers Middle School, we help students become leaders of their own learning. All members of our community exhibit the spirit of crew: students, staff, and families learn and grow together.



Student Work Spotlight
Character Development

In fourth through eighth grades, students present their learning at their student-led-conferences twice a year. During these conferences, each student shares both the work they’ve done and who they are as learners with the adults in their lives that can help them reach their goals.

Percentages of students who scored 3 or above in spring 2019 on PARCC





High-Quality Student Work

The Prompt
The 2020 protests, uprisings and COVID-19 pandemic reminded us that our current government continues to be insufficient in cultivating and nurturing a democratic society. What would it take to make the United States a truly democratic, just, and equitable society?

Jacinda’s Visionary Fiction

Jacinda’s Collage – Visualizing Democracy

Middle School Leadership Team

Ashley Stone


Derrick Miles

Assistant Principal 


Campus Director of Special Education

Our Story

In 2009, the middle school found a home at 1234 4th St. across the street from the 4th St. Elementary School. With the launch of Two Rivers at Young in 2015, the staff began the process of engaging the community and Board to determine the location of the new larger feeder middle school. In 2020, the new middle school, behind Young elementary, opened its doors. This state-of-the-art facility features large classrooms,  dedicated common space for each grade, a full-sized gym, outdoor courts, and sun-drenched atrium with Two Rivers’ signature “sitting steps.”

Two Rivers middle schoolers are assigned to heterogeneous advisory groups called crew that remain the same for all three years. Crew is an essential part of the middle school experience and serve as a place to build empathy and awareness, tackle life’s issues, and help students transition to high school.

On most Fridays, we host community meeting at 8:30am. Anyone is welcome! Come and experience the best of our learning community.