Culture & Community

“The definition of crew is… a school family. The best thing that you are able to do with crew is express yourself.” – Eris, 6th grade

At Two Rivers we are guided by the motto: “We are crew, not passengers.” Building a sense of crew means students are fully seen, understood, and valued, and learn to fully see, understand, and value others. This enables them to be active participants in making their community a place where everyone can learn and achieve excellence.

In elementary years, the crew is the student’s classroom. In middle school, crew is a cohort that stays the same while crew leaders change each year.

What Makes Our Community Unique?

In crew, you have different people that you can connect to and relate to… they know the struggles of virtual learning. You get to play games with each other. You get to share things with each other. It’s really like a community that you can go to every morning, even if you are not having a good day. You can still go and enjoy yourself.

-Devyn, 6th grade

I have teachers that I know when I go to high school they will be on me constantly ‘Are your grades good? Do you need help with anything?’ I definitely feel comfortable coming back here if I ever need essay help or I don’t understand something in high school or I pretty much need anything.

-Drew, 8th grade

[Her teachers] love on our daughter. They have a heart of her intelligence. They foster a culture of help and assistance. They give their everything to her. I can tell. I can feel it. I can see it. They know her. We are their number one fans!

-Manon, parent

I love my Crew (advisory group); I will forever hold Crew as my favorite time of the day. It is our home base. It is our family. For students in 8th grade, this is the crew that they have had since 6th grade. To see them take leadership and allow me to be a member rather than a leader – for students to see their teacher as an equal is transformational.

-Ms. McKenzie, Middle School Science Teacher

Whole-Child Approach and Scholarly Habits

At Two Rivers, we believe that how children learn is as important as what they learn, and that knowing the children we teach – individually, culturally, and developmentally – is as important as knowing the content we teach.

Along with our rigorous, project-based curriculum, students at Two Rivers learn and practice the Scholarly Habits.

  • I know myself
  • I am independent and resilient
  • I act with integrity
  • I show compassion and embrace diversity
  • I can connect and collaborate
Community Meeting

Weekly, our community comes together to sing, move our bodies, greet one another, and share our learning. All Two Rivers community members are welcome to join!

Somos El Barco

Our school song, Somos El Barco, means “we are the boat” in Spanish. The words of the song represent the characteristics we want to build in our students and our community — curiosity, exploration, bravery, collaboration, and thoughtfulness.

Commitment to Anti-Racism

Since our founding, Two Rivers has sought to nurture a diverse group of students. In recent years, we’ve explicitly committed to a journey to become an anti-racist organization.