Project-Based Learning

At Two Rivers, we focus on deeper learning. Our approach to education is rooted in project-based, hands on instruction that goes beyond basic skills to ways of thinking and being that ensure every student is prepared to be a successful member of our global society. We explicitly teach and assess critical thinking and problem solving; character; and collaboration and communication.

Expeditions and Field Studies

Expeditions are long-term, in-depth studies focused around a compelling topic.In expeditions, student learning is driven by a complex problem that makes them want to find answers. In order to solve the problem at the heart of an expedition, students engage with case studies, field work, experts, service learning, literacy integration opportunities, and connections with the arts.

“Expeditions are special for us because we don’t just get to learn, we get to go deeper and discover more about content through books, watching videos, and going on field studies. If we didn’t go on expeditions we wouldn’t learn as much information. It was fun but we were also learning at the same time!”

— Kingsley, Student

Field studies bring students into our surrounding communities as active investigators, where they use research tools and practices of inquiry used by professionals to cultivate curiosity and build background knowledge.

Integrated Arts

Arts at Two Rivers is integrated into every part of our curriculum. Students explore the worlds of drama, music, and visual arts, with the goal of helping them develop a rich understanding and appreciation of the performing and fine arts. Research has shown that concentrated study in the arts contributes to a child’s positive self-esteem, social skills, and understanding of different cultures and experiences.


We believe communicating in another language is an important piece of global citizenry and concern for others. Spanish-language instruction begins in preschool for all students and is woven throughout the curriculum.

Students in Pre-K learn Spanish vocabulary words as part of their expeditionary learning, and by 5th grade students speak solely in Spanish during Spanish class. Middle school students who are ready for advanced work have an opportunity to take a credit-bearing Spanish class.

Because we understand that learning a second language can open doors for students, we aim to have all of our alumni enter high school at an advanced level of Spanish language acquisition.