March–May 2024

After two decades of Framing the Future Gala, this spring, we are flipping the script for our spring arts fundraiser and drawing inspiration from Lakeside’s 1980 R&B hit Fantastic Voyage! Creatives from our community will host “voyages” (parties). For more information, contact us at

Tempo in Concert

Hosted by Michael Murphy

If you were celebrating with us at the gala last April, then you know how amazing Tempo is, featuring our very own drama teacher, Ms. Ashley on vocals. They’re back with a 6-piece group of two vocalists, a pianist, drums, bass, and guitar playing in the most whimsical speakeasy in town! Hosted by board member, Michael Murphy.

Spots for 40.

H St/Stanton Park, Friday, March 15, 7:30 PM

Jay Frost Jazz Trio

Hosted by Erin Sheehy

Young parent Jay Frost has been playing in DC with his jazz trio for a decade. Tonight’s line up features Wil Cameron on drums and Eric Leifert on bass. Come experience some professional musicianship up close and personal at the home of middle school parent and board member, Erin Sheehy.

Spots for 25.

Lincoln Park, Saturday, March 16, 7:30 PM

I Say "Georgia," You Say "Wine!"

Hosted by Claire Kaiser

See, swirl, sniff, and savor choice wines from the Caucasian country of Georgia. 4th St parent, historian of Eurasia, and wine connoisseur, Claire Kaiser, will elevate your appreciation of unique varietals from one of the world’s oldest wine-producing cultures (more than 8,000 years).

Spots for 35.

NoMa/Union Market, Saturday March 23, 4:30-6:30 PM

Journey into Hong Kong Cuisine with Chef Will Fung

Hosted by Ahnna Smith

Join 4th St parent and board member Ahnna Smith as she invites Chef Will Fung of Think Food Group and former head chef of China Chilcano to take intrepid voyagers on a culinary tour of Hong Kong cuisine.

Spots for 30.

Union Market/Noma, Saturday, April 20, 5-8 PM | Kid-Friendly

Baila con Sr. Cody!

Hosted by Aravind Muthakrishnan and Kate Fullenkamp

Come dance with the maestro of Latin Dance, Señor Cody, at Alethia Tanner Park and then walk over to Lost Generation Brewery with hosts Aravind Muthakrishnan and Kate Fullenkamp for refreshments. Be prepared to learn bachata and merengue – and be the envy of your children as you share your El Motorcito vid!

Spots for 15.

Alethia Tanner Park, Saturday, April 27, 2 PM

Union Market Mural Tour

Hosted by Callie Wardwell & Ryann Glaccum

On this tour you’ll weave through the streets of the ever-changing NoMa and Union Market neighborhoods. You’ll discover dozens of new and old murals, while learning firsthand about the artists and art scene in DC, led by the man who knows it all, Jason Bowers of DC Mural Tour! Wear comfortable shoes and don’t forget your camera. Wraps up with some bevs and bites.

Spots for 30.

Union Market, Sunday, April 28, 11 AM – 2 PM | Kid-Friendly

Biryani Blowout

Hosted by Mike Lamb, Aurora Steinle, Khizer and Zuleqa Husain

There is Indian fare and then the raja of them all, Hyderabadi biryani. The aroma of this buttery, saffron-infused rice and chicken dish will greet you as you enter the door. Indulge in this sumptuous meal (forks optional) and top it off with your bottomless lassi on tap – and of course, chai! Fare prepared by Zuleqa and Khizer Husain and hosted by 4th St parents Mike Lamb and  Aurora Steinle.

Spots for 20.

Bloomingdale, Saturday, May 4, 12-3 pm | Kid-Friendly

Ms.Carolina’s Chilean Once

Hosted by Carolina Ruenes

Ms. Carolina (founding TR staff, 6th grade ELA teacher, mom of two alumni, and current Young student) invites you to her place for pan amasado (home bread), pastries, tea, and coffee – the Chilean institution of once (pronounced “on-say”).

Spots for 10

Hill East, Saturday, May 4, 4-7 pm | Kid-Friendly

Brazilians Zouk. Do you?

Hosted by Rachael Coad

Impressed that your children can dance the bachata and a few other Latin dance styles? Want to show them that you are coordinated and cultured, too? Washington Ballet dance instructor and 4th St FSA president, Rachael Coad, will teach you the flowing grace of Brazilian Zouk with her friend and dancing partner, Chynna Golding. Lessons and refreshments will be provided.

Spots for 20.

Alethia Tanner Park, Saturday, May 11, 3-5 PM | Kid-Friendly

Fiesta Pilipinyana

Hosted by Rose Walton

Young and middle school parent (and FSA Secretary), Rose Walton, opens the doors to Kamayan, the Filipino culinary delight (courtesy of her mom)! You won’t want to miss this decadent spread on banana leaves! Needless to say, come with a very empty stomach. 🙂

Spots for 35.

Langdon, Saturday, May 11, 5-8 pm| Kid-Friendly