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Catalina’s Policy Memo
Posted by tworiverspcs
March 9, 2021

To view Catalina’s Policy Memo, CatalinaMemo.

Ever since 1987 when it was first discovered, the natural genome editor known as CRISPR/cas 9 has given scientists the opportunity to both learn about and edit the genome of organisms in a way scientists never through previously possible…With this constantly evolving tool, humans now have the ability to potentially cure or wipe out all genetically born diseases. This brings up the question fo how far we as a society will be able to both ethically and safely utilise this tool. One of the biggest problems facing the gene editing community is the inevitability of biohackers taking gene editing too far. This policy memo will look into the chaotic world of gene editing and how we as a society can better regulate the use of substances such as CRIPST/cas9. -Catalina, 8th grader