Parent School Association

Two Rivers has a supportive and involved Parent School Association (PSA). Established at the 4th Street campus during the 2011-2012 school year, and the Young campus during the 2017-2018 school year, the mission of the PSA is to provide a structured forum for families and staff to contribute their time and talents for the continued success of the school. The PSA holds regular meetings during each school year that can be attended by any member of the Two Rivers community. All parents and guardians of Two Rivers students, as well as Two Rivers staff and administrators, are automatically members of the PSA, have voting rights, and can hold PSA offices.

The goals of the PSA are:

  1. To foster school-wide community building;
  2. To support student learning;
  3. To facilitate resource building and development for parents, teachers, and school priorities;
  4. To help guide school governance by giving voice to the parent body; and
  5. To engage in projects for continuous school improvement.

The PSA's Executive Board is responsible for managing the organization, which includes but is not limited to: PSA board meetings, PSA general community meetings, and any PSA sponsored events. Dues are not a requirement of membership though parents will be responsible for raising funds to finance PSA initiatives. The PSA is organized under the legal umbrella of the Two Rivers PCS. The PSA is run consistent with the PSA bylaws and any standing rules that are put in place.

PSA Executive Officers for Two Rivers Network

Alden Nouga4th Street Elementary School
Tamara Brown4th Street Middle School

Ryan Salandy

Young Elementary School Co-President

Sylvia Soltis


Colleen Gallopin

PSA History

Beginning in 2012-2013, Two Rivers' parents, guardians and staff began to collaborate using a formal parent involvement structure, the Two Rivers Parent School Association (PSA). The establishment of the PSA was a highly involved process that took place over the course of the 2011-2012 school year. Two Rivers parents, guardians, staff, and administrators engaged in a dialogue that was designed to create a new and inclusive parent organization. This parent-driven process received support from school staff, and included several school-wide meetings, an assessment of best practices, lessons, and a non-binding survey. In addition, it allowed for a school-wide referendum that enabled hundreds of parents to vote in-person and online on the establishment of a parent organization and its key features. This consultative process culminated with the drafting and adoption of the PSA bylaws and the election of the PSA officers in May 2012. Since the opening of the Young campus in August 2015, Two Rivers parents, guardians, staff, and administrators have worked to decide how the PSA will operate with a second campus. Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, Two Rivers at Young supported its own PSA. Learn more about both the 4th Street PSA and Young PSA.