Faculty and Staff

T Ferrell

Lead Teacher | Young

Known as “Mr. T,” Tyrone was born and raised in Washington, DC where he attended local public schools in the Ward 7 and 8 areas. He received his humanities bachelor’s degree in Communications from Pennsylvania State University. After graduation, he came back to DC and started to focus on his PURPOSE. Unfortunately, he had no clue what that was until a glimpse of inspiration took place. While working as a team leader for a college program he was introduced to a world that was fulfilling and it was a desirable place with the youth! Excitedly, Mr. T began to apply to several jobs/careers that were in the field of education and began substitute teaching through a temp agency called Align Staffing.

While at Align, Mr. T was able to be a part of Two Rivers at Young campus as a dedicated aide with the second grade team! Due to a successful year at Two Rivers and being an educational aide, he decided to further his education and pursue a Master’s of Education and Human Development degree from George Washington University in 2017. Being able to work with such a collaborative and diverse group of people has given him the necessary skills and confidence to become a desirable educator for children.

Outside of school, Mr. T is usually singing with different gospel or R&B groups, cooking, self-journaling and painting pictures. He is super excited to be a part of the Two Rivers boat