Faculty and Staff

Christopher Headecker

Food Service Manager | Network

Christopher Headecker was born and raised in Washington DC, and was educated by a number of its public schools. Upon his matriculation at Winston Salem State University, in the field of Justice Studies, Christopher came back to the DC area with a new career path in mind. Over the last 10 years, Christopher has worked in School Food Services at EW Stokes PCS, where he began as a prep cook, to being the Head Chef and Kitchen Manager for multiple charter schools in the DC Area.

During his time at EW Stokes, Christopher gained not only experience cooking for a large number of students, but the importance of what the school food program means to so many people throughout the city. Having that knowledge and experience, he is really looking forward to starting his journey at Two Rivers.

In Christopher’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and experimenting with new recipes that he may have found online, or something that just came to his head.