Welcome to the website of Two Rivers Public Charter School, a Tier One, high-performing EL Education school. Since 2004, Two Rivers has grown from a school serving 150 preschool - third grade students in a wing of a DCPS building to a network with two elementary schools and one middle school with the capacity to serve over 1,000 students in just a few years. The launch of Two Rivers at Young (820 26th St. NE) in August 2015 has been especially exciting since we are the first EL Education school in the nation to replicate. We've been named one of the top ten schools in DC by our state education agency and have graduated seven classes of students who are now at top-performing schools around the city, including School without Walls, McKinley Technology High School, St. John's College High School, Maret, Edmund Burke, Duke Ellington School for the Arts, and Benjamin Banneker Academic High School. We've been guided along the way by an incredible team of educators and an involved parent community.

During our first decade, we've stayed true to our mission, to nurture a diverse group of students to become lifelong, active participants in their own education, develop a sense of self and community, and become responsible and compassionate members of society. The curriculum at Two Rivers is rigorous, standards-based, and is augmented by an emphasis on social skills and character development. These elements come together through learning expeditions that allow students to apply their classroom learning through collaborative real-world experiences - opportunities that make learning fun while simulating experiences they will need to thrive in high school, college, and the 21st century.

At Two Rivers, students, staff, and families are passionate about learning. We hope you'll use this website as a tool to learn more about Two Rivers and to get as excited about education as we are. And if you'd like to come feel the magic in person, we invite you to join us for an exciting community meeting. Thank you for your time, support, and enthusiasm!

Jessica K. Wodatch
Executive Director

Two Rivers uses an approach to student development that nurtures the whole child, focuses on problem solving, and helps children develop social skills and self-confidence.