Professional Development

While many schools acknowledge the importance of professional development, few make time for teachers to take advantage of it. Educators who are open to learning and constantly revise their practice facilitate the most successful classrooms, where all children experience the joy of learning and working together. At Two Rivers, staff have the time, encouragement, and resources to become even better teachers. Here are some of the many things we’ve been up to thus far in our quest to create the best classrooms by improving our own teaching:

  • Off-site conferences and workshops
  • On-site workshops
  • Professional Guidance EL School Designers
  • Reflection and Discussion
  • Visits with Other Schools
  • Peer Support
Staff at Two Rivers commit to spending 40 hours at the building each week, though they are only actively engaged with students for 33 of those hours. The remaining seven hours each week are reserved for meetings, professional development, and planning. Those seven hours per week, combined with 25 professional development days each calendar year (a three-week orientation, four professional development days during the school year, and a reflection week at the end of the school year), ensure that Two Rivers staff have ample paid time to work on improving their craft.

The school has a rigorous professional development program that was featured in the book Data Wise in Action: Stories of Schools Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning published by Harvard University.