Spanish Program at Two Rivers

Two Rivers' Spanish program is an important part of the curriculum. We provide Spanish language instruction beginning in preschool to all students. Spanish integration is a necessary tool to enhance our students' role as global citizens. We believe this is an essential part of developing cultural awareness and concern for others.

Complementing our educational model. At Two Rivers, the Spanish program is woven into the broader education model. The curriculum of our program emphasizes communication. Language acquisition and communication in a multi-lingual world act as authentic complex problems for students to solve. For example, preschoolers learn basic vocabulary of their expeditionary focus in both English and Spanish, and by the fifth grade, students only speak in Spanish while in the Spanish classroom. Simultaneously working to communicate in Spanish environments builds students’ basic language skills including vocabulary and speaking skills.

One continuous journey. At Two Rivers, we strive to prepare our students to have rich and varied options for their future. In middle school, students who have demonstrated they are ready for advanced work have an opportunity to take a credit-bearing Spanish class. Because we understand that learning a second language can open doors for students, we aim to have all of our alumni enter high school at an advanced level of Spanish language acquisition.