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Named one of the top 10 schools in D.C., Two Rivers is a Tier 1 D.C. public charter school, educating students in grades pre-kindergarten through eight. Through academic rigor that prioritizes immersive study, compassionate individualized support, and inclusive partnerships with families, we guide over 800 students who will lead tomorrow.

Every D.C. Mayor in office since we first opened our doors has visited and praised our schools. We were hailed "one of the best schools in the whole city, and one of the best schools in the whole region" by the senator who supported our launch, and we continue to garner enthusiastic esteem from lawmakers ranging from local D.C. councilmen to congressional leadership, as well as from national and global education leaders. But, it will take more than praise and recognition to sustain our work. We need you!

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Excellence in Standards-based Evidence

Our students consistently score among the highest in the city on the PARCC assessment in both ELA and Math. They have significantly outperformed the DCPS average, the charter average, and the state average! Performance on standardized testing is not the only way we measure our students’ learning and success. Click on our “Innovation in Deeper Learning Assessment” tab to read about our award-winning approach to assessing learning beyond subject knowledge.

Innovation in Deeper Learning Assessments

We recognize the importance of needing a larger set of skills beyond the basic subject knowledge of math and reading. At Two Rivers, our students are being prepared to meet the demands of a world powered by technology and instantaneous access to information by developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, character, and collaboration and communication skills. Together, when students master these “deeper learning” skills, it indicates truer and more useful measures of learning...and we’re blazing a trail in the education landscape to make those measures more visible.

Our approach to assessing critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and creativity has been named one of the 100 most inspiring innovations in K-12 education in the world!

Leadership in Curriculum Evolution

We are a premier, credentialed, model EL Education school; one of only 152 in the nation. We have been recognized as one of the best and were the first EL Education school to replicate, a milestone we celebrated with the launch of our Two Rivers at Young campus in 2015.

Our curriculum framework focuses on problem-based instruction that allows our students to grapple with creating solutions to real-world problems as they learn science and social studies through expeditions, long-term, in-depth, project-based study. We task students to share what they learn in expeditions through a mix of formal presentation and performance in a community showcase of artistic expression.

In this way and others, arts-integration is a critical part of the Two Rivers curriculum model.

Students learn about force, motion, and velocity while painting with marbles. They are designing and building the stage sets for their own full-scale musical productions. The arts program at Two Rivers provides students with a well-rounded curriculum. Students explore the worlds of music, drama, and visual art in all grades with the goal of developing a rich understanding and appreciation of the performing and fine arts. While students learn to value art for the sake of art, they also learn how studying and engaging in the arts enhances their study of other subjects.

Equity in Educational Access

We are committed to inclusiveness and to providing the absolute best free, high-quality education to all children who seek it. We serve one of the most diverse student bodies in DC. Two Rivers students are engaged and active learners, deeply connected to our community. They hail from every quadrant of the city, representing a range of backgrounds and cultural experiences.

Our campuses reflect our diverse city and nation. Nearly 77% of our student body are students of color, of that, 62% are African-American. We participate in the DC National School Breakfast and Lunch program, ensuring that all of our students, including the 39% who qualify for free and reduced price meals, have healthy meals to enhance their learning. Over 16% of our students receive special education services, fully supported and valued studying alongside their traditional student peers. We know that every individual contribution to the classroom is an important one.

Commitment to Continued Success

We provide holistic support to students throughout their learning voyage with us, including guiding their transitions into DC’s top-ranking high schools.

We are proud to share that 100% of our 2017 graduating class now attend high schools deemed “college-ready” by the US News and World Report. A quarter of that class went on to attend School Without Walls, which, according to the US News and World Report, is the top public school in DC. Another 20 percent now attend Washington Leadership Academy, the only area school to be awarded a prestigious XQ Super School prize for innovative technology and computer science programs.

Some of the most popular high schools for our alumni over the last several years include Duke Ellington School of the Arts, School Without Walls, Edmund Burke School, Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, Maret School, Benjamin Banneker Academic High School, St. John’s College High School, and DeMatha Catholic High School.

Students graduate from Two Rivers not only prepared to succeed in high school and college, but also ready to embrace the journey of lifelong learning and contributing to make the world a better place.

Engagement and Empowerment of Parent Partnerships

Two Rivers was founded in 2004 by parents with a determined desire to provide a better education option for their children, and in just over 10 years, it has blossomed into a beacon of self-actualized success! We grew from serving 150 students in an unused wing of a DCPS school building to a thriving network of three schools across two campuses, now serving over 800.

Two Rivers thrives because we thrive together. Faculty, staff, and families all contribute to our amazing achievements. The input, assistance, and involvement of committed parents is one of our greatest strengths. We are thrilled to boast over 95% parent participation year over year. Our high re-enrollment rates are a testament to parent’s faith and satisfaction, and our extraordinary parent and grandparent volunteers continue to fuel a host of events and activities for our students.

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