In Fall 2021, Two Rivers will return fully to in-person learning five days per week. Never has the Two Rivers’ educational model been more relevant than it is today as we begin to emerge from this pandemic: project-based learning that measures success through high-quality work, character, and mastery of knowledge and skills for all students.

-Dr. Kristina, Executive Director

In June 2021, we released a framework for recovery that centers on “4 R’s”: Re-Entry, Re-Engage, Re-Empower, and Re-Challenge. The detailed plan is linked here.


Two Rivers is prepared to serve 100% of students in-person in Fall 2021, while maintaining remote options for students who cannot attend in person for medically certified reasons or because of required quarantine or illness. We have invested heavily in safe facilities and have learned from our pilot programs how to function in our schools safely together.


Recognizing that students will experience our buildings and our community differently after a year apart, Two Rivers will focus on re-establishing connections between our students, our staff, and spaces. Showcasing to families the safe reopening, student well-being, and accelerated learning plan is paramount. The school will prioritize communication with students (and their families) who were consistently less engaged with remote learning in the 2020-21 school year.


To re-empower our students to lead their learning, Two Rivers will strengthen our system of tiered support for students and families. This year it is particularly important that all students have the social-emotional, mental, and behavioral health tools to succeed in setting and meeting ambitious goals for their learning and growth.


Two Rivers will use assessment data to provide strong instruction to accelerate learning.

Our detailed Recovery Framework can be found here. Our “Crew Approach to Health and Safety” is linked here.

We regularly update our Continuous Education Plan (CEP) in accordance with Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) regulations. Our current and past CEPs can be accessed here: School Year 2023-24 | School Year 2022-23 | School Year 2021-22. The last update was on August 25, 2023. Future updates will occur in both March and September of 2024.