Return from December 2021 Winter Break 

Two Rivers will operate remotely January 5th-7th and return to in-person learning on January 10th, 2022, in response to the increasing rise in COVID-19 cases and PCR testing access concerns.

Dear TR Families,

Over the past few days, we have received updates on guidance and concerns from families and staff about access to timely PCR testing in DC right now. To protect the continuity of learning, ensure access and equity, and prioritize the health and safety of our community, Two Rivers is adjusting the COVID testing plan we shared previously and will operate remotely from January 5th-7th and return in person on January 10, 2022.

Please read our carefully updated plan below.

Two Rivers will operate remotely for our first week back from break and return to in-person learning on January 10, 2022, extend our PCR testing deadline to January 5th, and provide an additional nasal PCR testing option on January 5th that can accommodate all Two Rivers students who do not already have a result from an outside provider. We will continue with our previously communicated closure for professional development on January 3-4, our PCR saliva testing option on Monday, January 3rd, and offering antigen tests to all families to supplement their required PCR test. See below for details.

    1. Two Rivers will extend the deadline for PCR COVID test results to January 5th so that families can get tested after travel and gathering have concluded. This timeframe will allow us to make our testing more rigorous by increasing the time for incubation and detection of COVID contracted during the break. For tests taken prior to January 3rd, we are asking families to pick up rapid antigen tests from TR to be taken on the 5th and 8th to ensure that testing captures any illness that may have incubated since taking the initial PCR test.
    2. Two Rivers will stand up a nasal PCR testing site on January 5th that can provide testing access to 100% of our school community, including our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students. Our vendor will be collecting insurance information in advance or while on site. Uninsured families will be served at no cost and insured families will not receive a bill for the testing. We will also continue with our plan to offer saliva-based PCR testing on a smaller scale on January 3rd. See the calendar below to identify the testing option that is best for you.
    3. Two Rivers will implement physical classroom enhancements where needed and provide coaching to staff on enhanced operational changes in response to the heightened level of spread in our community so that our return reduces incidences of quarantine.

We hope that our strengthened testing and use of remote learning after the break will reduce quarantines caused by pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic persons and allow staff impacted by the other regional school closures to adjust to those shifts. Families can help ensure our return on January 10, 2022, is as smooth as possible by:

    1. Testing: If you were able to schedule or plan your child’s required PCR test by our previous January 3rd deadline, great. Keep it! If your test is prior to January 3rd, Please stop by the school between 8 am-5 pm on Monday to Friday to pick up an at-home antigen test for your student to use on Wednesday and again on Saturday. Otherwise, we encourage families to access our onsite PCR nasal testing on January 5! 
    2. Staying Safe/Staying Home: Please to the best of your ability, prioritize social distancing, mask-wearing, and avoid indoor gatherings post-break as we try to return safely and with minimal disruption.
    3. Updating your Students’ Masks: Masks must be at least 3 layers of tightly-woven fabric and must fit snugly onto the face. Please ensure your student has a quality, snug-fitting mask. If you do not have access to masks, please let us know. 
    4. Talking with Your Student(s) about Social Distancing and Mask Wearing at School: If your student is not practicing distancing and mask guidelines at outside of school, there is a good chance they are not following them at school, resulting in the need for lots of teacher reminders and potentially class culture if they become positive. 
    5. Getting Vaccinated: One of the best ways to reduce quarantines and minimize spread is vaccination. Two Rivers will be hosting a vaccination clinic in mid-January, but we encourage students and families to get vaccinated as soon as possible. 

We know there is a lot to digest here so you can find a day-by-day summary here:

Monday, January 3

    • Schools closed for students
    • Staff in all day remote professional development 
    • Saliva PCR testing is available at Young Campus for TR staff and families from 10 AM-1 PM. Staff priority 12-1pm. This testing option is best for students who have not traveled recently or been in contact with others during the final days of break.
    • Rapid tests are available for pick up at school front desks 8 AM-5 PM

Tuesday, January 4

    • Schools closed for students 
    • Staff participate in a day of remote professional development 
    • Rapid tests available for pick up at school front desks 8 AM-5 PM
    • Student Technology available for pick up at specific school site.

Wednesday, January 5

    • First Day Back from break for students – All students learn remotely 
    • Teachers provide synchronous instruction for our usual half day Wednesday schedule
    • Nasal swab PCR testing available at both 4th St. and Young Campuses from 3 pm-6 pm. This is the best option for early grades students (due to nasal method) and families who have recently traveled or gathered to allow for maximum incubation and test accuracy. 
    • Rapid tests available for pick up at school front desks 8 AM – 5 PM
    • DEADLINE for submitting test results to Two Rivers via ParentSquare (unless testing through one of TR’s vendors onsite)

Thursday, January 6

    • Students continue learning remotely 
    • Teachers provide synchronous instruction
    • Rapid tests available for pick up at school front desks 8 AM-5 PM

Friday, January 7

    • Last day that students learn remotely 
    • Teachers provide synchronous instruction
    • Rapid tests available for pick up at school front desks 8am-5pm 

Monday, January 10

    • All TR Students return in person for our normal schedule

In advance of January 5th, you can expect to receive additional details and reminders for upcoming PCR testing options, hear from your child’s teachers about accessing remote learning, and learn more about obtaining a device for your child to learn remotely if needed by Tuesday.

A powerful part of Two Rivers has always been its engaged and supportive parents. Thank you for your understanding and grace as we navigate the complexities of this pandemic and the health and wellness of our community together.  Should you have any questions or concerns with this significant change, please respond to this post or reach out to our team directly with your feedback so we can ensure we address any needs you may have based on this unforeseen closure.

In health,

Dr. Kristina
Executive Director