Dear Two Rivers Families, 

Before we head into spring break, we wanted to share a bit of good news with you. Two Rivers has completed a comprehensive space assessment of our four school buildings using the latest COVID-19 health guidance and determined that our current school buildings can accommodate 100% of TR students in person, all day, five days per week next year! We understand some families may continue to prefer remote learning this fall, but we are relieved that we can truly give TR families back the full power of choice with both robust in-person and remote options for all students next year.

I imagine your next questions (hopefully after breathing a sigh of relief) include how this is possible given continued social distancing and how this news impacts the current school year.

How will Two Rivers maintain required social distancing while also serving all students every day?

Two Rivers’ buildings at both our Young and 4th St. campuses include sizable rooms and non-instructional spaces that we can prepare as additional classrooms to accommodate smaller crews and distancing as needed next year. This is in part due to the previous expansion plans that include the opening of our new middle school and the room to grow that was intentionally built into both elementary schools. These unique resources mean that, with some additional work, we can maximize on-site instruction under social distancing guidelines. However, to make this possible, we may need to reduce crew sizes, increase the number of Two Rivers teachers, repurpose non-instructional office spaces, and physically prepare closed areas of our buildings for use next year. In light of this news, our team is turning to plan for the staffing capacity, supports, and resources we will need to be successful in our space. 

How does this impact the current school year? 

The recent guidance that reduced the physical distancing required between students is enabling us to grow onsite opportunities like Learning Hubs and some of our onsite instruction. However, the full reentry we anticipate in the fall is based on having access to our full staff, designing our crew rosters and academic program for onsite and remote options, and reconfiguring our spaces as described above. In the meantime, we remain committed to continuing to grow our onsite presence in the final quarter of the current school year. 

You can find this week’s Q4 onsite pilot summary here. Communications specific to your child’s crew will continue to come from your crew leader in the coming weeks if your child is eligible. Based on the confirmed opportunities summarized in the chart, by the end of April:

  • 120 students (12%) will receive onsite instruction with their TR crew leaders. 84 of those students are receiving >2 full days of instruction.
  • 93 students (10%) are receiving four full days of onsite supervision and enrichment through Learning Hubs.
  • In total, 177 students (18% of all TR students) will be receiving at least two or more full days of instruction or care on-site. 
  • An additional 214 (22%) will be participating in an onsite crew experience

We also want to share that the increased vaccination access for our teachers is beginning to show up in our staffing data: Within the past three weeks, we have gone from 21% of staff fully vaccinated to 33%. An additional 35% of staff have received one dose or have received an appointment for their first dose, so we anticipate these numbers will continue to grow sizably over the next month. Two Rivers continues to provide 16 hours of vaccination leave to all employees to be used for the appointment and/or recovery from side effects and stipends for on-site work in recognition of the additional work needed to follow on-site safety protocols and chart the path back into our buildings.

We recognize that our current options are not the full-time, five days per week in-person opportunities that many families are seeking, which is why we are continuing to increase the number of hours and days each interested child is able to be onsite with us. Additionally, we are specifically working to increase the amount and clarity of communication around additional access to support for families of students with individualized education plans (IEPs). In the meantime, we will continue to work with TR’s Board, leadership team, staff, and families on our reentry planning for the fall.

In partnership,