Faculty and Staff

Lavelle Calhoun

Assistant Teacher | Young

Lavelle started her career as a transportation assistant for students with disabilities. Her thirst for knowledge and admiration to assist students lead her to be a substitute teacher at her sons’ school. The next school year, Lavelle was offered a position that lead to several other teaching positions inside the classroom. The joy that she received from every experience that she has encountered, lead her to see both sides of the education spectrum inside and outside. Lavelle has accomplished many goals in life starting with being certified as a PCA, an active member in her community, and being one of the first members in her family to attend college. Lavelle is currently enrolled as a full time student at the University of Phoenix, studying for her Bachelors degree of Science and Education. Lavelle also completed a course sponsored by the University of Maryland’s Peer Recovery Specialist program. Lavelle’s accomplishments are never ending, by the end of this year she will be tasked with helping members in society transition their life on the path of recovery.