Lead Teacher, Science | Middle School | 7th Grade

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Joey (he/him) was born in Greenville, NC. During childhood, Joey was introduced to a multitude of different areas and cultures. Joey returned to NC to attend Anson High School and then graduated from Livingstone College. Joey immersed himself into HBCU culture and earth stewardship. During his college career, Joey pledged ΑΦΑ, conducted research on secondary succession, and collaborated in many Ecological Society of America workshops. Joey graduated in 2012 with a B.S. in Biology. His experience in operations and administrative services has prepared him to serve his community. After college, Joey worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Small Business Administration. He has served as an operations manager, a program assistant, and an administrative assistant. He pulls from his diverse background to bring a new approach to teaching. In 2019, Joey began his first year of teaching at Anson Middle School as a 6th grade science teacher. His technique was project-based learning and action labs. Joey now serves as a Middle School Science Teacher with Two Rivers Public Charter School. With passion and vigar, Joey plans to transform expectations and amplify interest in the sciences.