Transforming the Educational Landscape

Why is Two Rivers creating such a stir?

"Few schools in our city have done such a great job helping a diverse student body find academic success year after year."
- DC Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie

"One of the best schools in the whole city, and one of the best schools in the whole region."
- Senator Mary Landrieu

Simply put, Two Rivers is challenging the status quo. We take a student-centered approach that values critical thinking and solving complex problems over rote memorization. We place emphasis on the values, skills, and attitudes that matter most to enabling student success. Most of all, we are a diverse community of life-long learners, comprised of students and adults who work and learn together. Together, we are raising the bar- and the results show. For more information about our impact, please visit our educator-facing website, Learn With Two Rivers.