Our Traditions

Ago! Amee! Listed below are some of Two Rivers' traditions that are meaningful and relevant to our school life and our mission. Each of our traditions is purposefully planned to enrich the curriculum and enhance the values of the school. Read on to learn more!

Building Community

Ago Amee

Two Rivers uses West African call and response to get the attention of groups in our community. Ago roughly translates into, “are you ready” or “are you with me” and Amee, roughly translates into, “yes I am ready” or “yes I am with you”. You will hear Two Rivers staff use this during transitions, during school-wide events, or in the classroom. We use this with all of our students and even staff when we need to call their attention or ensure that they are prepared to move on. Students learn that when a Two Rivers staff person says ‘Ago’, they are to stop what they doing, look at the speaker, and respond with ‘Amee’. We ask that adults respond in the same way.

Community Meeting

These are weekly gatherings that enhance our culture and our community. Learn more about Community Meeting here.

Fall Festival

Fall Festival is our annual celebration of our learning community and the changing of the leaves with music, art, crafts, face painting, stories, snacks, and outside for outdoor games and fun.

Family Dance

The Family Dance is a fun opportunity for students and their families to come and simply dance the night away!

Framing the Future Gala

Spectacular art, live music, a silent auction, are all a part of this Spring event in support of Two Rivers. For more information, visit www.tworiverspcs.org/framing or email the Gala Committee at .

Somos El Barco

Our school song, "Somos El Barco" (which translates to We Are the Boat) represents the characteristics that we want our students to demonstrate each day in their interactions with others and in their learning. You can help us by talking about these characteristics at home as well. Learn the words to and hear our school song here.

Share the Love Week

At Two Rivers, we celebrate Share the Love Week instead of Valentine’s Day. This is a special annual tradition in which students, staff, and the parent community fill each others’ “buckets” all week long through practicing the habit of caring and kindness. It’s a great time to acknowledge how wonderful our community is and the value that each member brings to it.

Two Rivers Family Buddy Program

This program helps to welcome new parents to Two Rivers. Buddies call or send a new family an e-mail introducing themselves and offering to answer their questions about the school.

The Two Rivers Trib

The Trib, short for both “tribune” and “tributary”- which is a river or stream flowing into a larger river or lake - is where you can read up on Two Rivers news, updates, and happenings. From school-wide announcements, to parent events and student enrichment opportunities, the Trib is your single stop to find out what’s upstream. If you have an announcement you would like us to include in the Trib, please send your blurb with an intended title to your buildings principal via email. (All blurbs are due by 4PM on Friday, the week before desired publishing date.)

Enhancing Academics

Math Festival

The night of the Math Festival is one of the most exciting nights of the year at Two Rivers. At this event, parents and teachers look for fun and exciting ways to engage students with math. Students of all ages can participate and work on building their understanding of concepts, strengthen their problem solving skills and improve general fluency with numbers.

Literacy Festival

The Literacy Festival is one way Two Rivers shares its passion for reading and writing with our families. Students that participate in this event learn skills that prepare them to become life long readers and writers. This event is appropriate for all ages and has historically included activities such as haiku writing, reader's theater, "reading like a detective" and making sight words with fun materials.

Learning Walk

If you want a hands-on look at the middle school, take one of the PSA’s Learning Walks led by instructional guides Elaine Hou and Jeff Heyck-Williams.


In late September, the entire sixth grade goes away to camp! NorthBay is an environmental education overnight camp on the Chesapeake Bay. Students travel in single gender groups and take part in outdoor activities, environmental action research, adventure activities, and lots of team-building. This trip is free of charge, and parents are invited to join us as chaperones.

Spanish Celebration

Enjoy Spanish games, crafts, and dance. This event in April celebrates the work and learning that goes on in the Spanish classroom at Two Rivers.

Vocabulary Fashion Show

This is our culminating school-wide event based on the book "Miss Alaineus and the Vocabulary Disaster," in which students create a costume for a vocabulary word they have learned during the course of the school year. Everyone presents their word and costume to their classmates, and, if they are a finalist, to the entire school!