At Two Rivers, we use technology to serve our deeper learning outcomes and to ensure every student has strong digital literacy, defined by The American Library Association as “the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information.”

Elementary Schools

In our elementary schools, students use tablets, chromebooks, and smart boards to enhance the instruction of classroom teachers. Students may practice a skill previously taught by using IXL or may create their Expedition product using the google suite for education. In early childhood, students have access to amazon fire tablets, and as students progress through the grade levels, they use chromebooks shared amongst the classroom, moving to a one to one computing model in grades four and five. Some platforms our students use include IXL, Raz Kids, Tumblebooks, and the Google Suite for Education.

Middle School

In our middle schools, students use a variety of digital tools to research, communicate, collaborate, and present their learning. Examples include online annotating of text, digital discussion boards, creating powerpoint presentations of their research, and presenting their student-led conferences using multi-media. All students have one to one computing and every classroom has smartboards and document cameras. Students access resources and submit assignments using platforms like Google Suite for Education, Mathia, IXL, and Common Lit.