There is an excited buzz in the air around mid-December and mid-May, when families attend showcase learning nights at Two Rivers. Showcases are culminating celebrations of learning, in which every class presents the story of their learning process and authentic learning products within expeditions. Parents have heard bits and pieces about Expeditionary Learning throughout the semester, and have perhaps even participated in field studies related to the expedition. Showcase night is where all the pieces come together and parents learn the full picture of how students investigated and solved the problem-based task at the heart of their expeditions.

At Showcase, parents learn both the content and process of learning that students engaged in. This includes not only the fund of knowledge at the core of the science or social studies discipline, but also the big ideas and expert thinking involved in tackling the rich problem that drove the entire expedition adventure. Parents also experience first-hand how the arts are integrated into content learning through the dramatic and musical expedition performances. They see how our arts program gives students creative avenues to both learn and communicate their learning.

Over the past several years, Two Rivers is proud of a consistently high parent attendance rate for every showcase night. This strong representation of parents reflects the parent culture of commitment and excitement we have in celebrating student learning.

"With expeditions, you’re not just sitting in one place-you’re actually going to the sites, seeing the sites, and interacting with the people who work at the sites. My favorite thing about expedition is that you can do all this exploring, researching, and finding history for yourself!”