How We Teach...

As an Expeditionary Learning school, we provide experiences for children to be active learners by developing deep content knowledge and solving complex problems with critical and creative thinking.

To support every student to successfully engage with deeper learning, we use the following three instructional formats intentionally and flexibly throughout the curriculum:

  1. Direct instruction: Students build important background knowledge and learn important skills through direct modeling, guided practice, and independent practice.
  2. Inquiry-Based Instruction: Students have opportunities to solve open ended problems that require them to apply skills they learned in new and interesting ways, often leading to multiple solution paths that also deepen their understanding of a topic. require them to think deeply and to develop the content knowledge necessary to solve them.
  3. Critique: Students analyze the work of others to both construct and use criteria for revising work towards a high level of excellence. Critique lessons enable students to learn how to both give and receive feedback-an important transferable skill in any academic endeavor and future profession.