The Arts

The arts program at Two Rivers provides students with a well-rounded curriculum, where students explore the worlds of drama, music, and visual arts, with the goal of helping them to develop a rich understanding and appreciation of the performing and fine arts. Research has shown that concentrated study in the arts contributes to a child’s positive self-esteem, social skills, and understanding of different cultures and experiences.

Two Rivers Elementary School Arts Program

Each student in preschool – grade 5 studies music once a week for the entire school year, and art and drama twice a week for half the school year. Every grade also has the opportunity to participate in arts-related field studies, where they often get to meet and interact with professionals in the arts or view professional performances/art galleries. Field studies have included trips to The Kennedy Center, The Corcoran Art Gallery, and Imagination Stage, just to name a few. We also believe in integrating drama, music, and visual arts into all areas of the curriculum. For example, students in 1st grade learn to create scientific drawings of spiders in visual arts classes, integrated with their expedition on the study of spiders as friends vs. foes. In 5th grade, students work on their dramatic presentation skills so they can present 2 voice raps that tell the complete story of the Founding of America.

Two Rivers Middle School Arts Program

In the middle school, students elect two out of the three disciplines to study during the course of the year. Every spring, middle school students participate in our School Musical by performing both a crew and character roles. This collaborative project provides students the unique opportunity to work in a professional theatre and to use the tools and skills that they have been learning all year. To learn more about the musicals we have performed, click on MS Musicals

Two Rivers Art Galleries