Science and Social Studies

EL Education is based upon the tenet that studying something in depth will help students develop life-long learning skills more successfully than studying a broad range of topics in less detail. While teachers at Two Rivers aim to cover all of the standards for each child in a grade, two areas of study are explored in much greater depth each year. These topics are selected from the curriculum framework that outlines essential areas of study in science and social studies that will be covered in each grade level. Through the curriculum framework, Two Rivers ensures that by the time a student graduates from eighth grade, he or she will have studied the critical aspects of each discipline: physical science, life science, and earth science in the sciences, and in social studies, geography, civics, history, and economics.

The curriculum is structured in this way to provide an interdisciplinary framework on which all children can build their understandings year after year. All units of study involve intensive research, reading, writing, scientific exploration, and real- world application. Two Rivers curriculum offers challenging, interesting content for students of all ages and ability levels. In addition, the school places particular emphasis on development of the arts, Spanish language skills, and social-emotional development.