Mathemagical Wizadry Prize Feed

To promote the pleasures of mathematics and develop critical reasoning skills, on a weekly basis, we introduce a Mathemagical Wizardry Prize problem for everyone in the community to solve. The problems are designed to have either multiple solution methods or occasionally promote flexibility in thinking and provide access to problem solving to students with varying levels of mathematical proficiency. For example, drawing a picture, acting out the situation, creating a table, drawing a graph or creating an equation can often be used to solve the same problem. No particular method is valued over any other and in fact, exploring the similarities and differences between two different paths to a correct solution is a fruitful way to develop mathematical reasoning.

The problems are introduced in community meeting and are available to be picked up at the front desk in both buildings and from the math teachers in the middle school. Solutions can be turned in up until 3:30pm the day before community meeting. Everyone can participate and we often have solutions turned in by parents and teachers as well as students. Collaboration on the problems is heartily encouraged. Winners of the weekly prize have their names called out at community meeting and we love when we can celebrate the mathematical thinking of an entire family. So next time you are in either lobby, ask for Mathemagical Wizardry Prize Problem at the front desk and have fun!

If you ever have any questions for the Wizard, please feel free to contact him at .

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