Math at Two Rivers

Math instruction at Two Rivers guides students to develop a comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts. We emphasize developing critical thinking and problem-solving that go beyond basic algorithmic competency in math, while also working on student’s ability to do work with numbers fluently. To do this, we use specific curricular tools for our Elementary and Middle School Programs.

Elementary Schools

We use Bridges Mathematics and Number Corner from the Math Learning Center. In Bridges, teachers and students work to solve problems using visual models and manipulatives, make and test estimates while recording their thinking, and actively engage in their learning. Number Corner is a series of daily math workouts which operate around the classroom calendar. In 15-20 minutes each day, classes work on numeric fluency while also diving into discussions, problems solving, and short written exercises.

Middle School

Carnegie Learning provides our Middle School students and teachers with intentional, active math learning opportunities. Students become engaged in the material they're studying through reading, writing, talking, listening, and reflecting. The program is designed to ensure that your students are able to build the foundation they need to experience ongoing growth in mathematics, including: mathematical coherence, mathematical habits of mind, multiple representations, and transfer.

Advanced Math

Our program develops proficiency in mathematics so that all of our students are prepared to succeed in high school. With that in mind, we offer a credit-bearing algebra course for middle school students who have demonstrated that they are prepared for work in more advanced mathematics based on their assessment measures.