Reading at Two Rivers...

The Two Rivers reading and writing program is closely aligned with the Common Core standards. We teach reading both through the use of authentic, compelling pieces of literature and informational text and through direct instruction in fluency and decoding skills. To learn more about this approach, read Gay Su Pinnell and Irene Fountas in their books, Guided Reading and Word Matters. We use literature in four distinct ways during the school day.

  • Reading aloud models fluent reading and comprehension strategies through aligning what we are think with what we read
  • Shared reading further enhances fluency
  • Guided reading (elementary school) with students at similar levels and a teacher. This allows our teachers to connect students with interesting, meaningful literature while also explicitly teaching reading skills.
  • Literature and Socratic seminars help us to develop and extend literal and inferential comprehension for Middle School students
In addition to the strategies listed above, we place a heavy emphasis on vocabulary development at all of the grade levels.