Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

How do we define critical thinking and problem solving?

Critical thinking and problem solving involves analyzing a variety of sources and designing creative solutions to complex problems.These skills are transferable across multiple content areas and disciplines. These skills may be applied in a particular way in a biology class, but the same skills can transfer to a literature class or to jobs in our modern economy.

Specifically, we identify three types of critical thinking and problem solving:

1. Effective Reasoning:

The ability to create claims and support them with logical evidence

2. Problem Solving:

The ability to identify the key questions in a problem, to develop possible plans for solving, to follow through on those plans, and to evaluate both the success of the plan and the solution

3. Decision Making

The ability to identify options for a choice, to articulate criteria for evaluating those options, and to evaluate those options based on the articulated criteria

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