What we teach...

At Two Rivers, our curriculum and every instructional choice is made in service of our school’s mission. Two Rivers’ curriculum is driven by deeper learning and expanded outcomes, in which students have multiple opportunities to apply knowledge and skills to solve new problems and construct in-depth understanding of content.

All students participate in rigorous and standards-based literacy, math, social studies, and science as part of their regular classroom instruction. Our literacy curriculum is heavily integrated into the study of social studies and science and our math program focuses on building conceptual understanding, adaptive reasoning, problem-solving, and computational fluency. In addition, students take Spanish, physical education, drama, art and music classes that enrich classroom learning and challenge them to think and grow in new ways.

For the essential areas of study in science and social studies, Two Rivers uses the Next Generation Science Standards and DC Social Studies Standards to guide learning. Our expedition curriculum framework outlines essential areas of study in science and social studies for each grade level. Through its curriculum framework, Two Rivers ensures that by the time a student graduates from eighth grade, he or she will have studied critical aspects of each discipline.