Your Support Keeps Our Students Learning Beyond the Basics

The field study is a core component of Two Rivers’ problem-based learning expeditions. Field studies take students outside the classroom and into the world to directly engage with their topics and conduct hands-on research. During a field study students have the opportunity to experience rather than imagine. Their own unique experiences in the field become the lessons that teach them the most.

From visiting the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, the NASA Goddard Space Center, or even Historic Jamestown in Virginia, engaging in real-world experiences outside the walls of a traditional classroom allows students to fully immerse themselves in topics as they cultivate knowledge. The connections made through immersion cannot be replicated with any other form of study.

The payoff for a problem-based, hands-on learning model is priceless, but the cost ever-increasing. Your support of Two Rivers’ Beyond the Basics campaign ensures that every Two Rivers student gets to experience four to six field studies that place them on the path to lifelong learning in the world around them, rather than just learning about it.

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Field studies...

Make Learning Come Alive

Create Deeper Connections

Inspire Higher Academic Achievement

Nurture Social and Emotional Development