Featured Artists 2018

Anne Barnes

Her Instagram: @annebarnesdesign

Anne Barnes is Capital Hill based abstract painter.

Anne donated the following artwork to the Gala:

Red, White, and Indigo

(Acrylic Paint and Stabilo Pencil on Canvas)

Halsey Berryman

Her website: newcolumbiasigns.com

Her Instagram: @newcolumbiasigns

From her website:

Based in Washington, DC, Halsey Berryman is a graduate of the Corcoran College of Art + Design where she turned her interest in handmade typography into a business practice.

She works in a variety of media, including hand lettering, sign painting, graphic design, and illustration.

Halsey has donated the following artwork to the Gala:


Their website: brocoloco.com

Their instagram: @thebrocoloco

Brothers Aaron and Jared Scales

From their website:

We craft art installations, murals, product, branding & architectural designs to connect companies & clientele.

We're committed to creating quality pieces that are inspired by & enhance the communities they're in, interweaving PEOPLE & PRODUCTS both global & local.

Brocoloco has donated the following artwork to the Gala:

Brooke Fierce Bronner

Her website: brookefiercebronner.com

Her Instagram: @brookefiercebronner

From her website:

I am a DC based artist, born in Brooklyn, raised in Asia, trained in business and rescued by painting. Some of my work focuses on the relationship between the individual components of a thing and the overall structure that it presents at its face, some of it is about people and the rest is not. Here it is!

Brooke has donated this artwork to the Gala:

“4th & Neal”

Naomi Christianson

Her website: www.theomiexperience.com

Her Instagram: @omiexperience

From her website:

Naomi Christianson is a Vedic investigator, transcriber of messages from the universe, and purveyor of The Omi Collective. Naomi creates art that reveals her own journey while creating universal truths and bliss out of the raw materials of color, emotion and physical experience.

Naomi grew up in a riverside cabin her father built in a rustic, communal environment surrounded by extended family and nature. While working in Australian corporate life, and diligently practicing less populist limbs of yoga, she started receiving dream and waking vision-messages from an angelic presence she refers to as a Space Angel Consultant. These messages called her to action, both to make art and to change her life. She soon left her job, returned to the United States, adopted a sustainable lifestyle, started a community art space, and committed herself wholly to creating art.

Naomi’s art emerges from a belief system received in these messages, in which all of the universe is conspiring on her behalf: apparent coincidences, painful life events, the availability of experiences, opportunities and supplies all make themselves available to Naomi in order to sustain and new value system and expression. With the intimacy of a journal, and the scope of myth, Naomi’s works combine intense colors, fractured patterns, and images to communicate to the viewer a pursuit of positivity, the criticality of intuitive knowledge, the celebratory power and strength of the feminine form and being, and a joyful acceptance of the journey life puts in front of her.

Naomi has donated the following artwork to the Gala:

Mia Duvall

Her Instagram: @mia_duvall

Mia has donated the following artwork to the Gala:

"Urbanity" 16 x 20 mixed media on canvas

"Origami Bow" 16 x 20 mixed media on canvas

Judy Guenther

Her website: judyguentherphotography.com

From her website:

JUDY GUENTHER, photographer, enjoys capturing scenes from her world travels in a variety of styles from story-telling to discovering small details in ordinary scenes. Capturing the beauty of nature and the people of the world is a special joy for her. She has participated in photography workshops with Alison Shaw, Jim Zuckerman, and has travelled with National Geography photographers Jay Dickman and Nevada Weir. She is a member of The Art League of Alexandria, Va., and the Northern Virginia Photographic Society where her work has been juried into several monthly shows. She has also had work selected for display in the Buchanan Arts Gallery at the Hylton Performing Arts Center, the Joseph Miller Center for Photography, Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR, Alexandria City Hall, and Multiple Exposures Gallery at the Torpedo Factory.


Judy strives to find something unique and eye-catching in her work. Sometimes the simplest patterns and designs speak the loudest for personal impact and impression. She loves to capture the faces of people in different cultures which reflect their personal life stories and emotions. She also enjoys “painting” a landscape through the natural colors and patterns made by Mother Nature. She enjoys travel and does most of her photographic work while traveling.

Judy has donated this artwork to the Gala

Wayne Guenther

His website: wayneguentherphotography.com

From his website:

I get my inspiration primarily from walking around with a camera, looking for subjects that interest me. So you'll see a wide variety in the galleries, biased towards subjects that have some linear or curve motive, with patterns and reflections close behind. Most are in the close to mid-range view, although in the past couple of years I've taken a bit more interest in landscapes. You'll notice subjects from near and far that indicate I travel a lot. Every journey is a photographic opportunity, and I've chosen to include subjects like Wildlife and Street Scenes, and Worship found on travels.

I rarely interfere with my subject; I move around, explore angles and in-camera crop, wait for the light to change or a person in background to leave. It's candid photography, with available light. I have increased my post-processing work as software tools have advanced; I use HDR, black and white mimic tools, and some special effects like textures and color highlights.

Wayne has donated this artwork to the Gala

Kristen Hayes

Her website: khayesart.com

Her Instagram: @krishayesart

From her website:

"My work deals primarily with the ideas of spiritual ascension and human growth—moving towards liberation and ultimate enlightenment. The recurring use of circles and light represents energy, or as some call, spirit, which is found in all living things. The intent is to make visible that which seems invisible."

Kristen Hayes, born in 1974 in Washington, D.C. is a visual artist, graphic designer, art educator, and a member of Black Artists of DC. She holds a B.A. degree in Graphic Design from Hampton University and an M.F.A. degree from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. During her time in New York City, she spent five years working as a Graphic Designer for Basic Books and Kensington Publishers, creating covers for such laureates as June Jordan and Ishmael Reed. She is presently a tenth-year art educator in the Montgomery County Public School system, and continues her personal work as a visual artist. In 2012, she was recognized by the White House as a “Champion of Change” for her most recent work, Color Is Life, a collaborative painting program that promotes the re-energizing of space in academic and all other social environments through the transformative properties of color, which was officially launched at Savoy Elementary school in Washington, DC in 2014.

Kristen has donated the following artwork to the Gala:

“Monotype: Star Beings Series, #3” size 36x34

“Blue Mother Nut” size 10x10

Mehves Lelic

Her website: mehveslelic.com

Her Instagram: @mehveslelic

From her website:

Mehves is a photographer and teaching artist. In her work she ponders modernity and heritage, belonging, making a home, and the resulting relationship with the environment.

She holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Chicago and is a graduate of Robert College of Istanbul.

She has been awarded the National Geographic Young Explorers Fellowship, Turkish Cultural Foundation Cultural Exchange Fellowship in the Arts and the City of Chicago Individual Artists' Program Grant. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including group shows at Ogden Museum of Art in New Orleans, Temple University's Stella Elkins Gallery at the Tyler School of Art, Akbank Art Gallery in Istanbul, and Institute des Cultures D'Islam in Paris.

Mehves has donates the following artwork to the Gala:

"Untitled Portrait (Flowers)"

(Archival Pigment Print on Rag)

No Kings Collective

Their website: nokingscollective.com

Their Instagram: @nokingsdc

From their website:

we’re Brandon Hill + Peter Chang.

we're made to create. hustling since 2009, we have worked with a family of hand-picked artists, designers and brands that share our vision. we run a design-build studio, creative agency and events production company, all rolled into one. we’re versatile. kind of like a burrito.

we are problem-solvers. we help our collaborators deliver a get-it-done, no bullshit, DIY, art-centric, design-savvy, multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural, adaptable, niche, custom, force-multiplying, over-the-top authentic experience. we fit in where you need help. soup to nuts. or just nuts.

the district is our home. art is our world. hustle is our method.

No Kings Collective has donated the following artwork to the Gala:

"C for Cow"

16" by 32" on wood

Rodrigo Pradel

His website: rodrigopradel.com

His Instagram: @rodrigopradel

From his website:

Rodrigo Pradel is a painter, illustrator and muralist born in Chile. He is a self taught artist in many mediums whose work explores the event horizon between this reality and the other(s). The surrealism in his work resembles dream like environments while his subject matter shows a clear focus on the viewer and their internal journey. He currently lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and kids.

Rodrigo donated the following artwork to the Gala:


Maggie O'Neill

Her website: Maggieo.com

Her Instagram: @maggieoneillfineart

From her website:

Maggie O’Neill is an artist, designer, and creative entrepreneur based in Washington, D.C. Living and working in the neighborhood of Shaw, her work is inspired by local landscapes and cultural icons, her travels abroad, notable women, and fashion. In 2012, Maggie had the honor of personally delivering a portrait to President Obama, and in 2014 her “DC Uncle Sam” was featured on the front page of The New York Times.

She is the co-founder of SWATCHROOM, a full-service design, art and fabrication studio. Through SWATCHROOM, she’s designed notable commercial spaces and private residencies throughout the Mid-Atlantic, including more than twenty restaurants and the offices for incubator 1776 in Washington, New York, and Dubai. She has also designed custom installation pieces for real estate developers, private commissions, and companies like Twitter and Microsoft.

Maggie is a fine artist, best known for her iconic pop impressionistic paintings of iconic Washington, D.C., landmarks and people, like her “Pop Capitol” and “Flynn’s Jefferson Memorial.” She’s been the featured speaker for Creative Mornings DC, a two-time winner of the design category for DC Inno’s “50 on Fire,” named a “Woman of Influence” byCapitol File in 2015, and her art was featured on the cover of DC Magazine’s December 2016 issue, among other accolades.

In addition to her work, Maggie is focused on giving back to her community and paying it forward. She is the founder of SUPERFIERCE, anational traveling art exhibit that highlights female artists, benefits local charities and mentors aspiring artists. Proceeds from her artwork have benefited organizations like Research Down Syndrome, Autism Speaks, Habitat for Humanity, DC Central Kitchen, and Project Soar. Additionally, Maggie is active in her local community as a board member of Shaw Main Streets, a commercial revitalization and historic preservation non-profit.

Maggie has donated the following artwork to the Gala:

"Winter Cathedrals"

Isabel Rebora

Isabel Rebora
Isabel is a Two Rivers alumna, class of 2016. She is a current high school sophomore. Isabel works in watercolor, ink, and graphite.

Isabel donated the following artwork to the Gala

Lori Steenhoek

Her website: lovelorimichelle.com

Her Instagram: @lovelorimichelle

From her website:

I’m a digital artist and designer by day, creating architectural renderings, animations, and visual effects. My work with 3D models inspired me to begin creating 3D-printed jewelry designs, mostly as birthday or wedding gifts for close friends.

I love the ability to design and create a wearable object with someone specific in mind. The result is always one-of-a-kind — something that speaks to someone’s personality and aesthetic or memorializes a special day or moment for them.

Lori has donated the following artwork to the Gala:

“3D-printed jewelry, DC-inspired designs”


His website: tendanistudio.com

His Instagram:

From his website:

Im Tendani, a DC based interdisciplinary artist breaking out into the public art world. I am skilled at in many different art forms, so I am grateful for being a full time artist since 2007, able to explore and achieve in multiple visual art arenas. Breaking out in the public art world isn't easy, especially as a minority living in a disadvantaged community, constantly having to beat the odds and overcome obstacles many may never have to face in their lifetime.

Long story short, I learned to navigate while exploring, in many environments. This is a way to describe my relationship with art because I navigate and explore in many disciplines, familiar and unfamiliar. My Mother is an Artist, my Father is a Scientist. I have received both of their abilities, providing me exceptionally active right and left brain cognitive function so I approach concepts with a balance of logical and abstract reasoning. This is why I am not just an artist, but also a successful entrepreneur.

Tendani donated this artwork to the Gala

Aniekan Udofia

His website: aniekanudofia.com

His Instagram: @aniekanreloaded

From his website:

Aniekan Udofia has achieved local notoriety for his towering murals of Duke Ellington, Fredrick Douglas and George Washington as well as his solo and group live paintings at Washington events sponsored by the likes of Red Bull, Heineken, Honda, Current TV, Timberland and Adidas. He garnered national attention with his caricatures and photorealistic illustrations for urban publications XXL, Vibe, Rime, Elemental, DC Pulse, Frank 151 and The Source. He further entrenched himself within the visual vernacular of the hip-hop landscape with designs for urban athletic wear companies And 1 and the D.C.-based Native Tongue.

Aniekan Udofia has donated the following artwork to the Gala:

Title: "Untitled" (2018)
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Dimensions: 16x20

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