Community Meeting

Every Wednesday morning in the 4th Street elementary school, Thursday at the Young elementary school, and Friday morning in the middle school at 8:30, we start the day with a school-wide community meeting. This ritual is an important component in developing the culture of our learning community. It functions as an opportunity for our students and staff to come together to greet one another, to sing, to move, to celebrate our successes, and to share our learning. The community meeting structure reflects the morning meeting structure that students use in their classrooms every other day of the week. The 4th Street elementary school and the middle school meet together for community meeting at least once each month. We very much enjoy visitors to community meeting and hope that parents will join us. However, we ask that adults participate and follow the same community meeting rules as students.

Because community meetings and morning meetings are so important to the building of our Two Rivers culture and community, we ask that you make a special effort to make sure students are not tardy for morning or community meetings. These meetings start promptly at 8:30. If you are running late on community meeting mornings and arrive after 8:30, your child must wait in the lobby with a Two Rivers staff member until after community meeting is finished at 9:00 when he or she can report to his or her classroom.