Dear Two Rivers Families,

We hope this message finds you well. We understand how confusing and concerning the news can be

about coronavirus (COVID-19), and we want to make sure you have as much information as possible

about the virus, Two Rivers’ response, and the city’s response.

Since we last communicated, the District has confirmed five cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in DC.

Additional cases have been identified in the DMV metro area. While we are taking these cases very

seriously, we are also working with our government counterparts to ensure that school closure remains

an option of last resort given the significant impact closure would have on the education of our

students and the lives of our families and staff.


We learned last night on a call with leaders from DC Health (DOH) and the Office of the Deputy

Mayor for Education (DME) that they determine risk levels based on the amount of contact people

have had with someone who tests positive for coronavirus. People are considered at an elevated risk if

they have had direct contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. People who are

not exposed directly, but who are exposed to someone who has been exposed, are generally not

considered at risk of spreading the coronavirus.

DOH is monitoring all suspected and confirmed cases of coronavirus and approves all COVID-19

testing in the District. For any positive cases, DOH traces all “contacts” related to the positive

individual who might be at an elevated risk. DOH will inform Two Rivers immediately if anyone in

our community—staff members, students, or parents—is at an elevated risk of having or spreading

COVID-19. At this time, our risk level is low and we are remaining open.

As we continue to learn about the impact of the COVID-19 in the District, we want to ensure that

you have the guidance and information you need to remain healthy and support the wellness of your

Two Rivers student(s). Below you will find both immediate guidance on how you can help your

student(s) stay healthy, as well as contingency plans in the event that our school becomes directly

impacted by the spread of COVID-19.


Previously we shared that Two Rivers regularly performs ‘deep cleaning’ by using the Total Clorox

360 Electrostatic Spray System. We will continue to perform this regular, facility-wide disinfection.

For the next two months, or until the coronavirus spread is under control, we will perform our general

disinfecting process on a bi-weekly basis. We will also continue implementing our existing protocol for

disinfecting impacted classrooms and common areas when a case of the standard flu is identified. Our

disinfection processes can be completed overnight and do not involve school closure. Finally, we are

working with our school maintenance partner, Busy Bee, to ensure that continued daily wipe downs in

our classrooms and common spaces reflect best practices for COVID-19 prevention.

You can support these efforts by doing the following:

● Encouraging your student(s) to regularly wash or sanitize their hands at home and at school

● Helping your student(s) understand the coronavirus and avoid stigmatizing any group of

people (Check out NPR’s comic on COVID-19)

● Keeping your student home if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms (e.g., fever, cough,

shortness of breath) and visiting the doctor as needed. Students who are sick at school will be

sent to see the nurse (Young) or front desk (4th St.) and sent home where appropriate.


It is our hope that our school community will remain healthy. However, in the unfortunate event that

we need to close one or more of our school buildings, we have made the following plans:

● The first two days of closure will be treated like inclement weather days for students while our

staff prepares to shift to delivering instruction to students remotely.

● After two days of closure, we will activate our remote learning and working plan in an attempt

to minimize the disruption of COVID-19 on our students’ learning.

● The remote learning plan means that Two Rivers students will follow along with online or

print content provided to them by their teacher.

● We are currently working on ways to ensure that students continue to have access to support

services, meals, and special activities that they would usually access at school.

As we seek to balance our commitment to educating our students and supporting our families with

the need to ensure Two Rivers is a safe and healthy place to learn, we will follow the guidance of

DCPCSB, DME, and DOH regarding closure. In addition, we will carefully monitor whether we have

enough adults to safely operate schools. If we do not have enough Two Rivers crew members to run

schools safely (because of the number of adults who must remain home to care for themselves or sick

family members), we will also close schools.

If the decision to close is made, we will communicate with you as quickly as possible via School



In the event that students have to learn at home while our school buildings are closed, we want to

ensure that students have access to what they need. We recognize that many homes are not set up to be

online classrooms! To help us understand whether your student already has access to the internet and

devices (e.g., computer or iPad) at home, please take less than five minutes to complete our internet

and tech survey: We are working on a plan to lend devices and hotspots for

students who need them.


We know that many students depend on school breakfast and lunch to provide needed nourishment.

This week and next we will be collecting non-perishable foods that we can share with families who rely

on school breakfast and lunch programs that could be disrupted by building closure. We have seen our

community rally in times of need to support one another – if you are able to purchase extra

non-perishable food to share with others, please bring these contributions to the front desk at the 4th

Street ES or at Young ES. If you are worried about providing meals for your child during a possible

school closure and would like to receive food, please reach out to your child’s teacher or a staff

member with whom you are comfortable.

If you have any questions regarding Two Rivers’ procedures for safety, please feel free to contact Gail

Williams, Director of Operations, at [email protected] You can find additional citywide

guidance and resources at

We understand what a stressful time this is for students, families, and staff. Please let us know if there

is additional information that would be helpful to have. As always, please reach out with questions and

suggestions. Thank you for your support.


Aurora Steinle, Chief of Staff

Gail Williams, Director of Operations

Jeff Heyck-Williams, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Jessica Wodatch, Executive Director

Kenneth McCants-Pearsall, Chief Academic Officer

Khizer Husain, Director of External Relations