What is VOMP?

One of the ways parents can partner with the school is to use the same conflict resolution tools with students at home that students use at school. At the Two Rivers middle school, we use a conflict resolution protocol called “VOMP”, which stands for “Voice, Ownership, Moccasins, and Plan”. Through this adult-mediated protocol, students are equipped with the language to both clearly articulate their feelings and concerns with another peer, while also taking responsibility for their actions and making an effort to see the conflict from the other person’s perspective. The “VOMP” protocol ends with both students creating a plan to ensure that both students will be able to respect one another in the learning environment. Teachers, school leaders, and parents also make sure to follow up on whether these plans are being implemented, and determine if another check-in and more serious intervention needs to be applied.

Vent (Express) Carve out the time to vent — don’t be rushed. Ask permission to vent first, rather than simply dumping a load on the other. Venting includes listening and checking the other for impact (V-L-O-M-P)
Owning Here’s my contribution to the mess…
Moccasins This is what I think/feel it’s like to be in your shoes.
Plan What’s the plan going forward; how do we do different or not repeat