Student Support Team

In order to help students achieve their maximum potential, Two Rivers has developed the Student Support Team (SST) process. The SST is a collaborative approach to helping a student reach his/her maximum potential. The SST addresses academic, social-emotional, health, or behavioral concerns. Concerns about attendance may also be addressed through the SST. The intention of the team is to explore the needs of the child and create a plan to provide the supports necessary to ensure success throughout the academic day.

After the initial meeting, one or more follow-up meetings will be held to ensure that the student is making progress, and to refine the plan to add additional supports if sufficient progress is not occurring.

The Student Support Team is led by our SST Coordinator and includes parents or guardians, the student’s classroom teacher, school leader(s), and, if appropriate, the student. Prior to the meeting, team members may observe the student or meet with teachers to explore the situation more thoroughly. A Two Rivers staff member, the parent or guardian, or the student may request a Student Support Team meeting at any point during the academic year.

For additional information about the SST process, contact .