Special Education at Two Rivers

Two Rivers’ Responsive Classroom and Expeditionary Learning models, which emphasize respect of individual differences and active hands-on learning and problem solving, as well as our classroom co-teaching structures, which balance whole class with flexible group activities, are particularly well suited to the inclusion model, in which students with disabilities are educated alongside their non-disabled peers.

A special education teacher is assigned to support each grade level in grades 2-8, allowing for services to be delivered inside the general education classroom to the maximum extent possible. An early childhood special educator supports our Preschool – 1st grade classrooms.

Students are typically identified for special education or other services after going through the Student Support Team (SST) process. Parents who believe their child may have a disability are encouraged first to use the SST process; however, parents have the right to make a request for an evaluation at any time. Parent consent is required prior to evaluation, and determination about whether a child qualifies for special education services is made by a Multidisciplinary Team that includes parents, the special education and general education teachers, the Director of Student Support, and other qualified professionals as appropriate (psychologist, speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist, counselor, etc.).

All members of the teaching team work together to provide instruction that is individualized to meet the needs of the child. Most children receiving specialized instruction will have their needs met primarily within the general education classroom. For students needing more intensive remediation of basic skills, or for those with other needs that cannot be met in the general education classroom, our special educators and related service providers may work with the child in a small group or one-on-one outside the classroom for a portion of the school day, as determined by the Multidisciplinary Team.

Continuous monitoring of student progress through both standardized and classroom-based assessments allow us to refine our interventions to ensure that students with special needs improve their basic skills and knowledge while developing the expert thinking and complex communication skills needed to become successful adults.

Two Rivers' Special Education Point of Contact is Laura Lorenzen, Director of Student Support llorenzen@tworiverspcs.org.