Play Dates and Birthday Parties

Play Dates

We encourage our students to spend time with classmates after school or on weekends. If you are not sure who might be a good match for your child or have questions about play dates, your child’s teacher would be happy to make suggestions. If your child has an after school play date and you will not be picking him/her up as usual, please send us a note. We must have written consent to release a child from school to another individual. Socializing is an important component of adolescent development. Please make sure that middle school students are supervised during after school social activities.

Birthdays and Birthday Parties

Birthdays are very special events in the lives of our students. Celebrations can occur during lunch or snack time to minimize disruption from classroom time. Parents should coordinate any special activity with their child’s teacher or crew advisor well in advance of the child’s birthday as each classroom has their own traditions for celebrating birthdays. Please remember that the school has a limited amount of extra supplies so any birthday treats should come complete with all products and utensils. If you are planning on giving out any special treats, please make sure that there are enough for all students.

We encourage the Two Rivers community to share special occasions like birthdays together, while being careful to acknowledge the feelings of all students. Unless the entire class is invited to a party, please do not distribute invitations at school. To avoid hurt feelings, we encourage you to invite less than half the class, or to invite the entire class. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to avoid any hurt feelings by not shepherding a party group directly from school.