My High School Search

Welcome to your High School search! Eighth grade is an exciting year, in which you will be researching and applying to high schools. It is a time not only to learn about the high school options that exist in and around our city, but also to learn about yourselves and decide the future paths you will take. The Two Rivers staff is excited to help in this process.

High School Support Nights

Two Rivers’ My High School Search Support Nights are regular events for students hosted at Two Rivers from 6–7:30pm throughout the year. Each night is designed to provide families with targeted information about the high school admissions process and opportunities to receive individual support from TR staff.

Open Houses

Open houses provide students and families with an opportunity to get to know a school more intimately. In the past, attendance at open houses has influenced where our students have decided to apply and attend. Parents and students should plan to attend open houses at their child’s top five schools. Students are and will be excused by the school as long as they complete an open house questionnaire which are available from Ms. Dawnyela. When possible, students should attend evening open houses so that they do not miss school.

Meet Dawnyela

Dawnyela Meredith, our Director of Alumni and Community Relations, is here to help support your student transition from the Two Rivers Middle School to the high school of his or her choice, in collaboration with you and their Crew Leader. Dawnyela will be present at MHS events, and is available to help and support you in this journey.

To contact Dawnyela, call (202) 543-8477 or e-mail her at

MHS Search Documents