In their own words

How do you help students with special needs access learning?
Francine Perry, Special Education Teacher

I help [some students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)] with [Zoom] breakout rooms and screenshots of how to sign in.[Other students] I am able to see ... at the cusp of being independent. Now, they are doing the work and getting materials, starting on their own, and on task. 

I was concerned about regression from one student in particular, however he continues to grow in math and ELA. His mom is great about helping him to initiate and remain on task. Once started, he sustained for 30 minutes straight. In school, he would work for about 7 minutes with reminders and require a break. His mom has picked up on language used by myself and other service providers. A win is that parents get to see what is happening in the classroom and the work of a special education teacher.