In their own words

photo of cody
Cody Encarnacion, Spanish Teacher

The first step to creating community is to develop a sense of belonging and then start building the skills they need to navigate and interact with the platforms for remote learning. For example we [have] a scavenger hunt starting with the letter “A.” [Students] will bring an apple or agua or we ask them to write the letter “A” and color it in. Give options for them to participate. With a lot of students you don't have a lot of control when they are on the screen. You have to have a lot of options for how they participate. You know that even in the classroom when you start a new year you have to start from scratch. You have to start building the skills. We are reviewing how you start and turn off the mic. How do you start the camera? We need to revise that and practice with them by taking them through the process. This is all part of being independent and resilient (a Scholarly Habit).

Building community while remote is a process, even in a classroom. You can't have [students] be experts overnight. Over the summer they forget! We need to understand and respect this process.