In their own words

Yvonne, Parent

Everyday is different. [There are] technical issues. Wifi might go out. I make it work by accommodate everyone’s individual schedule. Where everyone has a breather for a walk. Get outside. [It’s] important to log on; in reality, it is a lot of screentime. When they don't have [classes], I don't have them on any screen. [We] figure out breaks and are adaptable to change. We create an environment that is conducive to school even though they are at home. One big part is teachers. I don’t want to leave them out. They provide the structure for you to follow. Their support is something - definitely more than just learning. If they are not supportive, it is much more difficult to deal with the situation - not just an email. I have all teachers’ number. They know when dealing with a household of four versus one - especially when entering IEPs. Dealing with all these factors,I need to have some relationship with the teacher. All teachers are very supportive. Phone or text always makes a big difference.