In their own words

photo of Fatima
Fatima Graham, Dean of Students and Families

What I am proud of - we as an organization have looked at meeting the whole need. We really focused on building a sense of belonging [and] that has to do with making your basic needs fulfilled. Sense of belonging is important but some things are basic - food, housing. For one family, by focusing on “how are you” - that in and of itself created a sense of belonging so that they were ready and prepared for distance learning. You need to meet people where they are. It is a whole package deal. With COVID, the whole picture is people, their needs. [We think] about how people are arriving because they don't have that sense of security. 

When something disrupts the norm, it gives an opportunity for creativity and time to reflect. It can give a chance to reevaluate. Pandemic has re-established that families appreciate community. They have a new appreciation for Two Rivers - that we have a community-focus. Families really want what is best for their student. Because of that truth, people have struggled with what they are doing is not enough. The resources we provide have helped families persist.