In their own words

How do you help teachers reimagine teaching?
Elaine Hou, Instructional Guide and Founder

I think that the way I work with teachers applies whether you are in person or not. [I’m] reminding teachers of their “Why?” Why am I here? Why am I showing up every day? Connecting and reconnecting to the “Why” is important because the pandemic has caused us to have less control… We are all moving past the mourning stage and settling in, and it is sad in some ways. We connect to the agency that we talk about with kids. Teachers need that, too. “I was not trained for this type of teaching. What is my agency and empowerment?” [We need this adaptive thinking because] online learning can get very technical - here are the tips and tricks, here are the platforms. You can reach a saturation point. You can really feel that loss of control and agency. My role is to make sure that [teachers] are feeling good, empowered, and energized so that they can continue the work of teaching. I empower them to speak up, love of the content, and fall into love with a new way of teaching it. 

[We don’t want teachers to] reinvent the wheel but where can you innovate and where can you try and have students give feedback - that is part of the learning alliance [between teachers, students, and families.] We are all truly figuring it out together.

Content is important but expertise on family engagement and on making a connection through the Zoom screen are the things that matter and are new. [Parents share] positive snapshots, “I heard that you had that conversation with my child about how you believe in her ability to math. I loved that.” That was not a conversation that that parent might have been privy to previously.