Even Apart, We Are Two Rivers

Even Apart, We Create High-Quality Work

“I think it is always the case that what matters in life is the kind of work we do and the kind of human beings we are. It's not test scores. What I'm seeing across the country is that kids are proud of the work that they are doing. The work that they are doing is emblematic of the learning that they are doing. You don't need a test to tell you that. The work shows you that.” - Ron Berger, Senior Advisor of Teaching and Learning at EL Education

According to EL Education, high-quality student work excels in three dimensions:

Authenticity: To demonstrate original thinking and voice, connect to real-world issues and formats, and when possible, create work that is meaningful to the community beyond the school

Complexity: To demonstrate higher-order thinking, multiple perspectives, and transfer of understanding

Craftsmanship: To create work that is accurate and beautiful

At Two Rivers, even as we learn remotely, we are creating high-quality student work.


Want to see the amazingly creative side of our middle school students? Then please check out this year's virtual artspedition! Students wrote and performed their own drama commercials; composed and recorded original music; produced beautiful digital and handmade art; and shared their knowledge about Broadway musicals. More of each grade's work can be found on the TR Vimeo. Enjoy!

3rd Grade Problem Statement

When we read stories we often make assumptions about characters (particularly animals) as being good or evil based off of our previous and learned background knowledge or perception. How can we use stories that utilize fact and fiction to challenge the role of the antagonist and protagonist to build empathy for all characters?

6G Evens Problem Statement: Climate Change

Our climate is changing rapidly and human actions are to blame. We are all interdependent with each other and our Earth’s resources. Therefore, we must act quickly in a united way to reduce our negative impact on the Earth.

7th Grade Problem Statement: Resistance + Resilience

Historically systemic racism prevented enslaved and free blacks from having a voice and openly sharing their stories of resistance. This issue still plagues us today, in that racism still exists, and the voices of many remain silenced.

8th Grade Problem Statement: Genetics and Ethics

Gene editing is a powerful biological tool with potential to both improve the world and endanger it. Currently, there is no significant legislation on this issue due to a lack of understanding of potential impacts of gene editing.

Even Apart, We Are Crew

"The definition of crew is... a school family. The best thing that you are able to do with crew is express yourself." - Eris, 6th grade

"In crew, you have different people that you can connect to and relate to... they know the struggles of virtual learning. You get to play games with each other. You get to share things with each other. It's really like a community that you can go to every morning, even if you are not having a good day. You can still go and enjoy yourself." - Devyn, 6th grade

At Two Rivers we use the language of EL Education, "We are crew, not passengers." This nautical reference connotes the idea that students play an active role in academic progress monitoring and also relationship-building and character development. In elementary years, crew is the classroom. In middle school, crew is a cohort that stays the same while crew leaders change each of the three years.

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